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The Blue Lotus is alive with the Sound of Music

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The Blue Lotus is alive with the Sound of Music. It’s not surprising, considering our founders, Susan and Fred Bliffert, have musical talents and roots. But it’s not just the Sound of Blifferts that rings through the trees and reverberates off the pond.

Today, for example, one of our favorite regular guest groups, Community Projects for Seniors, is here. And they always bring live music with them, today it's Musical Moments with Carol and Tom.

And, of course, the entire month of August is hopping on Sundays with Tunes at the Lagoon. It kicked off (of course) with Fred Bliffert - backed by Susan and Kaita Bliffert and Mike Wanger. The second week, we were treated to the talents of violinist Glenn Asch and guitarist John Parrott.

Last week we listened to Peter Roller and the Best Place Bluegrass Band. And Sunday the 27th, we’ll be wrapping up the month with singer/songwriter Donna Woodall.

In the past, the Blue Lotus has hosted Kirtan music, and - back in the day -farm parties rocked the barn rafters.

The common denominator to all this is joy – which the Blue Lotus produces in abundance. When we don’t have actual music playing, there’s always something calming or uplifting in the air. Whether it be the wind through the trees, or frogs and birds singing around the pond, people exploring our music garden, or our favorite – the laughter of our guests – it keeps the Blue Lotus humming 24-7.

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