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Blue Lotus Programming

We strive to make the outdoors accessible for everyone.

We provide programs and events in our secluded nurturing oasis to support individuals and families who are experiencing challenges.  

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Self-Care Retreats

We at The Blue Lotus Center understand the healing properties of nature. During stressful times, taking time to step away from the demands of daily life and caring for ourselves is so important. We provide trauma-sensitive yoga and other supportive activities that encourage a sense of peace, clarity, emotional stability, well being and understanding.


Blue Lotus Days for Families

We set aside certain days for families with children (of all ages) with special needs. These outings are for the entire family or for individuals with caregivers. Going at their own pace, visitors can fish, kayak/canoe, take nature walks, relax on a swing, play yard games, picnic, and more.


These special days aren't reserved for one organization.Instead, we work directly with families to welcome them to a day in nature. 

A young girl being hugged by her caregiver
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