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Friends of the Blue Lotus are the BEST friends

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

There is nothing more satisfying than watching our guests – especially our first-time guests – experience the Blue Lotus. The joy on their faces! But a close second for us is the satisfaction we get from our volunteers and supporters.

Dozens of volunteers spent hours in May doing the annual spring clean up and planting days. And since then, there has been a steady parade of green thumbs that come every week to keep everything looking great.

Even more volunteers are here regularly helping the office run smoothly and supporting the staff as they make the guests feel welcome, safe and cherished during their visits.

The true dedication of these volunteers and our many other supporters was demonstrated when one of the rare recently rainy days came on June 11 – the day of our 20th Anniversary Open House.

While the plants were grateful for the showers, we were afraid no one would venture out on such a miserable day. Were we wrong! Friends old and new (as well as even more volunteers) came and celebrated with us in a steady drizzle.It’s this kind of dedication that has allowed the Blue Lotus to HAVE a 20th anniversary. We are truly blessed!

If you’d like to join our volunteer heroes, let us know here.

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