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A Healthy Pond is a Fun Pond!


September 19 - 29, 2023

We are raising $100,000 to make our pond healthy, vibrant, and accessible for our guests!

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Join Us September 19-29, 2023

During our Fall Match Fundraiser, we are raising money to preserve this beautiful resource, our four-acre pond, for all of our guests, now and in the future.

Our Four-Acre Pond Needs Your Help

Ecological Efforts Support Fun and Wildlife

$100,000 will go toward creating greater access to the pond for people of all abilities, and rejuvenating the ecological health of our pond.

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Pond Upgrades

The money we raise in our Fall Fundraiser will go toward these improvements.

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Wheelchair Accessible Dock

Easy loading of pedal boats, kayaks, and canoes, for every person, regardless of abilities.


Full-Pond Aeration System

Aeration helps to reduce algae growth and rebalance nutrient load in the pond.

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Directional Water Circulators

Circulators keep the dock area clear of leaves, debris, and muck and improve water clarity


Floating Plant Islands

Installation of Floating Plant Islands will mimic nature's floating bogs that absorb nutrients and provide fish cover.


Fostering Good Bacteria

Installation of BioBoost Nests, an eco-friendly system that provides a home to good bacteria, and improves water quality.


Reducing Algae Growth

Barley Straw Bales to discourage algae growth without the use of harsh chemicals

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Encouraging Decomposition

Sinking Bacteria Tablets to speed up the decomposition of organic matter, like leaves and branches, and reduce nutrient load.

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Strategic Planting

Planting can help control shoreline erosion and water quality at the pond's edges.

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Trail Maintenance

Encourage safe and accessible fishing, boating, and hiking.

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Healthy Ponds Require Thoughtful  Design 

We are partnering with experts from Hurth Waterscapes and Steiner Electric to create greater access and rejuvenate the ecological health of our beautiful four-acre pond.


With their plans, we can ensure the pond stays a beautiful, healthy place to boat, fish, and listen to tunes by the lagoon. 

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Your Dollars Can Go Twice as Far

Every dollar you donate during our Fall Match Fundraiser (September 19-29th 2023) will be DOUBLED by our generous sponsors. 

Thank You to Our Match Sponsors

Title Sponsor

Sallie & Don Davis

Match Sponsors

The Apple Family Foundation

Lory Bush


Richard Bunkfeldt


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Watch Our Pond Fill with Color as We Near Our Goal!

Fall Match


Sep 19 - 29, 2023


Thanks to your generosity, we made our $100,000 goal!

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