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Nonprofit Group Rental

We can be the setting of a unique outing for your organization.

When you book an outing at Blue Lotus Center, you are reserving all 64 acres - including the trails, pond, outdoor equipment, pavilion space, and more. 


Special Outings 

Nonprofit groups that assist those with life challenges can book Blue Lotus for a half or full day for a nominal fee. Your visit can be an opportunity for your clients to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits in a beautiful setting. A day at Blue Lotus can inspire visitors as they immerse themselves in the healing resources nature offers. Our secluded setting can empower, encourage and inspire joy, even in the midst of daily struggles and challenges.

It is easy to book.
  1. Find an available date on our calendar

  2. Call 262-675-2473 or email to reserve your day.

  3. Read the documents below. 

a row of chairs with sun hat wearing seniors sitting in them
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