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A Healthy Pond is a Fun Pond

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

When we were creating a plan to make sure the Blue Lotus pond stays as healthy as it can be for years to come, we talked a lot about the science.

  • A full-pond aeration system to rebalance nutrient load and reduce algae growthBioBoost nests to improve water quality and promote beneficial bacteria

  • Floating plant islands to mimic natural floating bogs that absorb nutrients and provide fish cover

  • Barley straw bales to discourage algae growth without harsh chemicals

  • Sinking bacteria tablets to speed up the decomposition of organic matter and reduce nutrient load

  • Underwater fans to keep the dock area clear of leaves, debris and muck


All those are crucially important, but that science is there to support the pond’s magic. Because that’s what the pond is really about.

  • The excitement on a child’s face when they catch their first fish.

  • The wave of confidence that comes with a first solo kayak trip.

  • The sense of peace that comes from gazing at calm waters and returns whenever someone remembers their time at the Blue Lotus.

  • The certainty that the turtle on the log winked at you when you peddled by

While we may be a little optimistic about the turtle, it has been proven time and again that nature has healing properties. And for people who don’t often have safe access to water or water activities, the pond can be a magical experience.

One of our wonderful volunteers said it well:

“Baiting a hook for a gentleman with Alzheimer's overcome with the excitement of reliving his childhood, sharing a pedal boat ride with a troubled youth who had never before been on the water … experience has humbled me and filled me with gratitude. Blue Lotus is truly special!"

A guest captured the magic even better:

“We had a resident who was very much afraid of the water all her life. She has gone to Blue Lotus twice and gone in the boat and loved it. Her family was amazed!!” – a staffer at Silverado Memory Care.

We are committed to keeping the pond as healthy – and magical - as possible – a healthy pond is a fun pond!

Your support turns that commitment into a reality.


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