Book Blue Lotus for Your Event or Attend a Program

Special Needs Groups

Nonprofit groups who assist those with life challenges can book Blue Lotus for a half or full day at a nominal fee. It’s an opportunity for your clients to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit in a beautiful setting and inspire your group as they immerse themselves in the natural resources this land offers. The secluded setting enables them to feel empowered, encouraged, inspired, and joyful, even in the midst of their daily struggles and challenges.

3 Ways Your Group Can Enjoy Blue Lotus:

  • Let us guide and facilitate a day of interactive, educational, recreational, and/or self-healing programs.

  • Bring your group's own planned, or self-directed, activities to implement.

  • Just come out to enjoy the beauty of the land.

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Book Blue Lotus in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Look at the Blue Lotus Calendar and select the days you want to visit.

  2. Call (262-675-2473) or email ( to reserve your day.

  3. We'll have a few questions like date, times, and number of visitors.

  4. Pay your deposit after you receive our invoice. Of course, we will hold your dates while the paperwork/deposit are finalized.

Book Blue Lotus for Your Work or Wellness Retreat/Workshop

Blue Lotus is also available to rent for other wellness and work retreats. Nature’s healing aspects is a perfect backdrop for businesses who need a team building day away from the office, an organization’s yoga or wellness retreat, and many other group gatherings. The rejuvenating qualities of a beautiful secluded environment paired with the many outdoor activities from kayaking to storytelling around the campfire, provide a unique place that will assist you in cultivating your goals for the day. 

Blue Lotus’s professional staff can help guide and facilitate a day of interactive, educational, recreational, and/or self-healing programs or you can bring your group's own planned, self-directed activities to implement.

Blue Lotus Days 

Blue Lotus Days for Children with Special Needs & Blue Lotus Days for Seniors with Challenges. These days are to be enjoyed with families/caregivers.

So everyone can feel safe and enjoy the many outdoor activities at the Center, we limit each of these days to just five families. Visitors - at their own pace - take nature walks, fish, kayak/canoe, swing, play yard games, picnic, and more. Blue Lotus Days are special, as they don't cater to any one organization, but instead welcome families to come directly to Blue Lotus to spend a day in nature. The care and opportunities provided through this program have made a significant impact by inspiring personal growth and building confidence. More information here.